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Originally Posted by AerialFilm1
24 is what I'm looking for but keep going back and forth on ideal length. Having that lounge space has advantages. For me still the biggest thing is a real bed, not something that has to be converted from a couch or dinette.

Is your tv mounted to anything or do you stow it when under way?
Re the TV: It sits on the platform, but is braced w/ 2 channel columns and angle braces that I made from aluminum angle stock. Only the left one is shown. The right side was made after the pix was shot. When on the road, I strap together, although I'm perty sure it would travel ok w/o the strap.

Re the bed: My rear corner queen is quite comfy, albeit a pain in the ass to change. I'm still trying to figure a way to change it with a bum leg and arm. I would like another place to lounge, however while the mattress catches it's breath.
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