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Originally Posted by Bobthebiker
I have to admit, those realy are some clean looking welds.

The more I look at welding, the more I want to go buy a cheap stick welder to get started with and sort of build up to the expensive stuff eventually. building stuff from scraps and using exceedingly high heat to do it are ALL that is manly.

I went through the exact same process. When I saw the all in price of

a welding class I decided I'd buy a Tig unit and just dive in.

As mentioned in my above post I wound up with these instead.

Made in the US Smiths AW1A airline torches.

A more clear picture.

It actually worked out really well for my plans. When I started picking up

welding books they all said a torch was the best way to learn. Plus I plan to

do a lot of 4130 Chromoly and 4130 as it turns out was designed for

light aircraft frames and was intended to be torch welded. It will weld anything short of

Magnesium and I can cut with it. I learned to stick weld when I was 5 years old

and did some production Mig welding but had only ever cut with a torch. Here's

a few pics of my torch welding from earliest to most recent (a 6 month period).

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