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Aluminium should cut ok with a jigsaw, use a coarser blade than for steel, turn the speed down a bit & spray the underside of your work with cutting oil. A circular saw with a fine tooth TCT blade is also good for the long straight cuts.

Love your work, a bender like your one is now on my list of future projects.


Originally Posted by kirkster70
The cube was actually my very first project out of the chute. It gave me the confidence to tackle project #2. I think my table may have been #3. Here is #2...a freakin' huge bashplate.

I bought some decent sized aluminum sheets from a friend at work, so this is the first time buying materials.

I made a mock-up first with some thin cardboard and then went to it. I also cut this out with caveman tools, so it also kicked my rear end. One whole day with a jigsaw running metal blades. What a freakin' nightmare! That's when I knew a plasma cutter was in my future. I used stock mounting holes, and stock hardware. I notched the left for the doohicky adjustment, and notched the bottom for oil drain access. Lots of using a hand file for shaping.
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