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This gang of hooligans that I've gotten myself mixed up with generally stay in Robbinsville but so many are making the pilgrimage to mecca now-a-days the we couldn't find a room there even though we started looking more than a month ago.

Also there is usually at least 4 or more of us but we had one rider sitting at home recovering from an on the job injury. I was afraid one of these guys might try to make me their little spoon so I split off to go pitch my tent at the Iron Horse and would meet them later in Andrews for dinner.

Fontana Lake on the ride up 28.

Taking Gunter Gap to the IH

Plenty of folks trailer to mecca now-a-days...or so it seems.

I pitched my tent next to the creek across from the lodge.

Looking back from the foot bridge.

It was still too early for anyone to be hanging out on the back porch or around the fire pit.

Well I too had some more riding to do and first up would be a shortcut over the Snowbird mtns.

Yup...Tatham Gap was built for the sole purpose of getting rid of the Indians that lived here.

The Trail of Tears

zoom, zoom, zoom

After a nice ribeye dinner I slabbed it back to camp and arrived after tent blocked the view if the fire from my picnic table though.

I hung out on the back porch and around the fire til after midnight and even met the rider of this blinged out ride.


Tomorrow we visit mecca and buy T-shirts.
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