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Well, turbo technology has moved on since off the shelf kits were available, so unless you want a period piece, you'd be better off rolling your own.

Start with replacing the stock injection with an aftermarket system such as Megasquirt. Then find an appropriately sized turbo. Build a custom exhaust and intake to make it all fit. You'd probably need intercooling - that'll need to be hidden in amongst the fairings also. Or you could use water injection to cool your intake charge instead.

Then tuning, lots of tuning.

If this is all do-able then you'll have to consider what the extra power is gonna do. Will the driveline and suspension handle it? What's the final drive ratio?

All do-able and there's lots of info out there. All it takes is time and money. You'll probably end up with a slower, more expensive bike than what you could buy from the showroom, but it'd be a unique machine for sure.

Take lots of pics and post 'em here. In the meantime, check this guy's effort:

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