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Originally Posted by Bhasmasur
Those problems that you mentioned are very real.There is high speed instability on the C5 which many believe is due to the swingarm design.However this comes into play only after , say 110 km/hr.So 60-65 mph is relatively stable and safe.
Royal Enfield has always had problems with quality control and the newer ones are no exception.However I think the export models are better than those sold here in India.Paint peeling off is a common problem in these motorcycles.
All things said,the newer ones are still relatively maintenance free.
BS. 2 or 3 people had an issue with stability, which was related to assembly. The swingarm design is sound, and someone else even posted a video of a C5 at 80mph with no hands on the bars - dead steady. Why is it that a few people reporting a problem gets taken as a representation of a whole line, but reports to the contrary are ignored. I guess folks listen to whatever fits their preconceptions.

Originally Posted by Blue Ridge Wheeltor
The Enfield has a 2 yr, unlimited mileage, NON TRANSFERRABLE warranty. At $6395 ++, you are approaching $7k. At that price, The Ural ST is twice the bike.
As far as the Ural sT (I bike I do like for its own merits) being twice the bike of the Enfield, from what I understand it DOES take TWICE the gas per mile! Not my idea of twice the bike! Your mileage (mpg?) may vary!

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