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Well all, I am back from my adventure and will place the tag tomorrow. As you can see from my full route, I drove 7,000 miles in 13 days. I knew the egg was close to my intended route back east and every day I assumed I would see that post informing me that my plans were foiled. Luckily, the egg was placed in the middle of nowhere at the county, state, and national level, and I was apparently safe from being bruced.

The egg seems to have brought me luck in a rally this weekend. Without the egg the previous weekend at the LOE 1000, I placed 41st of 45, and high sided while driving down a dirt road at 35 mph. With the egg, I placed 2nd among Georgia starters at the Void 5 rally.

I will warn you about the egg's new location. It will be surrounded by a large number of tag playin' FF's and I don't think it will be there long.... I have already given you a clue as to where that will be, the tri-county area can be found on the edges of the SMIB sticker in my original grab, and the state flag colors are the background.

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