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Almost finished...

I was thinking to myself "The signals are 1/4" in the way. Really? C'mon, man, 1/4"? really?"

So...when I got in from work, instead of going to bed like I should have, I just had to start messing with the bike. One thing led to another, and now the bags are mounted.

I wound up trimming the upper part of the lower support bracket. It was just too much. You can see by the scrap on the left what size it USED to be. As you can see, it took a bit of trimming and shaping to get what I wanted out of it. I attached the bracket with 3/8" grade 8 hardware.

I also made the lids even with the top rack.

And that's also why I didn't bother to put a 45 degree angle on the lower outside edge - I knew I wanted them up high. Plus, I wanted a flat bottom for more storage room.

I also made my bags back a bit farther than some - to allow plenty of room for the passenger pegs. When mocking up, I taped an adult riding boot to the rear peg and started an inch away from the boot.

I still need to rough them up a bit more for the uniform grunge look I'm going for. I'll probably fly them tonight just to see how I like them. The rack, bags, hardware and all tip the scales at 33 lbs. I think that's very reasonable. I figure I can throw a good 100 lbs of items in there safely since I only weigh 180.

The only thing left to do is to clean up some weld spatter on the inside, coat the insides w/bedliner, and I'll probably still extend the rear signals out so people can see them better. I also have some reflective tape somewhere, and everyone knows that huge bags aren't dorky looking enough by themselves.

Ok, I'm 2 hours late for bedtime!!!!!

...but at least now I can sleep!
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