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Ok here are some more! Some new some last fall. But I think all good!

Raystown Lake - all that water and can't do anything!

I guess everything else is ok!

Past Raystown keep following Rt 26 you head up a mountain (don't ask I can't remember) state forest to an over look where you see this. In the right side of this pic would be State College PA. Home of Penn State University home of the "NIttany Lions".

The overlook southbound now. Roth Rock state forest ( I googled it )

Coming back if you go west bound on Rt 30 you will begin see the wind farms. The interesting thing about this shot is that it is taken from a field in "Shanksville, PA". Some will automatically know this is the "Flight 93 memorial. It is a very sacred place. Not only because of what happened there, but how everyone who visits there gives reverence. It is a heart thing. The pictures speak for themselves.

Numerous memorials are placed in the chain link fence almost daily

This one yellow ribbons waiting for there return of the heros, and in the shape of the airplane.

The single American Flag in the middle of the filed flies over the final resting place of "Flight 93

It is very erie. Hardly anyone speaks. If they do it is usually a whisper. Many like this lady just gaze at the lone flag.

Construction on the monument is scheduled for I think some time in 2012. Why it is taking so long I don't know.

Pictures of the fallen heroes are in the temporary museum hall.

I will let this picture speak for itself.

Got some more - Later!

Keeping it real just giving it to you Straight Up

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