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Awesome job, very jealous. You finally got me off my rear end to get my old Lincoln SP 150 up and running. Just got the cyl filled yesterday. Now I need something to weld...

I would rethink the herculiner on the inside. Its a pain to clean, the alum you have now you can spray down with cleaner and wipe perfectly clean. The Hurculiner traps dirt and crap and is a pain. I also personally don't like it for the outside but your call. Reasons are the same for the inside. If you do do it, make sure you do fanatical prep work. I had a custom steel bumper made for my truck and used that stuff. It lasted 6 months and started peeling. It got REAL old redoing it all the time. If you have the coin, powdercoating would def be my first choice and look awesome. Maybe you could trade your skills with the coater...
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