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Originally Posted by Quacked
The bags look great!

I'm really looking forward to what you're going to do with a top case!

I think I will come up with something. I have a Cortech top bag that I use as my lunchbox for work. I was thinking it would fit nicely in one bag, but that's not the case. I have to scrunch everthing up for it to fit, so that seems like a royal PITA to me. Plus, who wants to eat food that has been scrunched?

I need to order some more aluminum, but I will probably end up making a top case with dimensions specific to my bag.

I will probably do my redneck lift first, plus I also want to make some front crash bars with hoops for LED driving lights, so the top case will take a back seat to both of those projects.

It's deer hittin' time, and I want to protect my legs if I go down again. I totaled a very nice ST1100 this time last year. I credit the ST for protecting my legs with the bags on the back, and tip over wings (hidden engine gaurds) in the front. It made a pocket that kept the bike from grinding my legs into the pavement like a cheese grater.

If I had REAL front crash bars (not plastic protectors for a tip-over on a trail) I would feel much safer riding this time of year. So that will happen before the top case.
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