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What will break next
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Since the tag is in the Southern Maryland area...Someone had to do a night grab...

Mr Egg was rescued from the Wilds of Charles County, specifically Mallows Bay.( Pretty close to N38 28.140 W77 15.802)
We did indeed run into the locked gate as described by the Mr Egg's captors. The KLR being spritely and nimble could have fit through the pedestrian gate but there was no way the GSA was going through..

Following the directions provided via a spotty blackberry connection, we were able to find and extract the objective...

Because of the numerous and dangerous local wildlife (actually had about 12 deer cross in front of us at once during the ride back) and the SMIB trend of having two bikes at the Tag...GS ADV Pilot was recruited to provide support

After a safe extraction and return to "civilization" Mr Egg relaxed with a cup of coffee and contemplated the location for his next tatoo...
I think I'm going to wear out my Goldwing's foot pegs before I wear out the tires...
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