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Being in SMIBland, it was clearly not going to languish.

Have an idea for you to consider and first a little history:

This game started February 1, 2009 and HBurgNinja (HBN) introduced the first icon in March '09, Blockhead, while we were all playing with Allie in the VaTOR game. This was when I had the little guy in DC at one point:

Then Blockhead got fumbled, DC fell apart, and...

...CycleJohn rescued Blocky and he now lives in Delco, PA, but in the meantime we got the Funky Chicken:

He was lost in action in May '09.

And Mr. Egg came into play in Post 474. It's strange to see him with absolutely no tatts.

So now it's been over a year and Eggy is running out of skin to tattoo.

Maybe you can give him a short pause to find some nice case that's small but would give new space to put initials and names on? Keep it small enough that when full, it and Eggy can get a slightly larger case to continue?


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