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Originally Posted by Pork Butt
How did you attach the Givi rack??? How much weight are you comfortable carrying??
Well.... The Givi was a Monolock case so it used a universal adapter plate for any rack that was tubular... I switched the mounting bolts to shorter ones, so it would work with the DP Rack for the Hyper, thats all. Since then, I have easily carried 10-15 lbs in the case with no worries. About 2 mths ago, I was riding with nothing in the case, stopped for water at the store, and realized that the rack snapped in half right next to the weld. Fortunately, the dealer swapped it under warrantee, but I didnt bother putting it back on.

Below are a couple of pics for my current luggage.
- I have the DP handlebar bag for short random trips.
- I use a Cortech 8 liter tank bag for longer trips. The bag straps down and uses three snapable clips (two in front, one in back). Getting access to refill the tank isnt hard at all.
- I have the Cortech Sport Tailbag for longer weekend runs.
These photos have all three currently installed. Also in the photos you will see my new seat. I bought the bike with the stock seat and DP Performance together. I recently had the stock seat rebuilt into a touring seat by Mr Ed Moto in Albany Oregon.

I did a couple long distance rides in Aug with my girlfriend. She was on her 250 so we were top speed limited. I found in 6th gear at 75 doing about 3200rpm, I was easily getting 50-54 mph so with the large CA tank, I was seeing over 300 miles easily. The last photo is my current riding configuration when all the bikes are removed (for reference). I miss the Givi for functionality, but the rack was always an area of concern for me.

2014 Ducati Diavel Strada
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