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Originally Posted by Going_Commando
I am going to check out a woodstove later today that is supposedly soapstone. I am not sure what kind of condition it is in, but if it is decent, you can't beat the price (free). I am too cheap to actually think about PAYING for a woodstove if I can help it, let alone get a new one! You guys must be rich! I can barely afford to pay attention!

Hey Aaron, I just checked my USB stick and it still has the music on it that you wanted. I might possibly get the day off tomorrow, you gonna be around?
*yikes*... free can sometimes be expensive... be careful if there is anything wrong with the stove.. the gaskets going bad being the most dangerous because (A) often you can't see them all & (B) because you can't control the fire once it gets going if you can't control the air flow..

Yeah... we'll be around..
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