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The bags are finished, so I start back on the low buck lift.

End supports from the lift and base are cut out of the way and preliminary framing for the base begins.

I finally run out of my very first 10 lb. spool of filler wire and remember to install an ear plug to keep dust and grit off the wire as it enters the liner. Thanks for the helpful tip BIGJim!!

My garage helper supplies 48 lbs. of test load.

I add another outside piece of channel to the lift platform.

Another lift with approximately 175 lbs. The results are promising! No flex.

A full tank of gas puts this load at 500 lbs or so. Now we have some sag at the rear, but everything seems quite stable. I will have to beef up the platform a bit more, but at least I know it will work. I have some flatbar that I got for free when getting all the scrap from the battery racks, so I will box the strut for more rigidity. I will also add another channel to the outside of the base and box it.

I will figure out a way to make the rear lock into different slots as it raises. That will add a good degree of safety.

So...lift : free, materials : free, gas and filler wire : maybe 10 bucks, and about 6 hours of welding practice. Once I'm happy with the framing, I will probably cover the deck with some thin diamond plate.

The bags are finished, and I'm quite happy with them. I road tested them for about 400 miles before using the bedliner on them. I didn't notice any difference in handling, which was a total surprise to me. I'm sure with a heavy load I will notice a difference.

I added some reflectors to the bags from a H-D Electraglide that I've been hanging onto for 5 years or so. They were from a customer's bike I painted, and he didn't want them. Yes, the packrat in me appears once again!

More to come next week.

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