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More pics until about 4 days from now...

I just started experimenting with some floor jacks. I figure if I can come up with a contraption in the rear that locks in different positions as it goes up, I can go higher than I need, then drop down to level to overcome the sag.

I added support to the platform and the base, so I'm done there. There is no hesitation in the lifting process at all. It lifts the KLR as easily as it lifted my boy. It is rock solid on the jacks, so the locking contraption will solve the sag issue.

This lift is rated at 750 lbs 3 feet away from the base, so 7 feet away lifting 500 lbs is probably all I would be willing to put on it. Just like an engine hoist, or a crane for that matter, the load capacity is reduced the farther out you go.

Next on the to-do list : the above mentioned locking contraption, a home brewed wheel clamp on the front, and the platform with drop-down ramp.

- just in time for my KLR's 20,000 mile oil change! Perfect!!!!

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