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Originally Posted by Going_Commando
I checked it out on Saturday night and it is decent shape. It is a Hearthstone soapstone, but there is a crack in the soapstone in the front. If I am not mistaken, these stoves are lined with fire brick, correct? I would replace the gaskets anyway, since the graphite rope isn't all that expensive, and a hell of a lot cheaper than actually buying a woodstove. People around here seem to know for the most part what these things are worth, and a used stove in decent shape goes for several hundred bucks.
Hey.. for the price... what are you going to do...

you could always pick up a new plate steel one for a couple hundred bucks... maybe not the fanciest things.. but they are new, UL rated and probably a lot safer than a stove of questionable condition...

that is pretty cheap insurance in my book if you are going to be using the stove for anything more than an occational fire that you are tending... thats just me and my own paranoid self though...

If you do get the free one... You might fire it up outside your house first and see how it runs...
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