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Originally Posted by Michael
For those of you who have not heard of these, the new LifePO4 A123 Systems 26650 batteries are revolutionary for their high power output.
I looked at the 18650 on the A123 website and compared it with the AA Duracell rechargeable in my flashlight. A123: 1.1Ah Duracell AA:2650 mAh. Am I right in concluding that the AA has over twice the capacity? Does 2650mAh equal 2.6 Ah?[/QUOTE]

The 18650 is designed for a completely different purpose than the 26650... the 26650 are also sold in cardboard sleeves and bundled to run power tools in 18Volt configurations.
I think you mean your AA is 1.2 Volts at 2650 mAh which would be the same as 2.6 Ah... not sure where your question is leading?
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