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Originally Posted by Captain Beardylocks
So I'm looking at either a Millermatic 140 or Lincoln power-mig 140c welder to start out with. Both fit my needs of being relatively compact, using a regular electrical outlet and aluminum capable with minor adjustments. does anyone around here have experience with either, or is there a consensus on the relative quality of miller vs. lincoln? The Millermatic is about ~$100 more expensive, I assume due to the auto-set feature. Is this really convenient enough to merit the extra price?

Those are just the two models that were most readily available, so if there's something else out there to look into I'd definitely like to hear about it. Any other suggestions/general advice as far as what I should be thinking about as far as getting equipment together would be great also.

Thanks all!
I don't have any experience with either (and yet to weld anything) but I've been heavily researching this for a while now. Hoping to get one for myself for Christmas. Anyhow, I didn't check on the Miller due to being more than I want to pay. But I've found very good reviews on the Lincoln 140. Some call it the MIG-Pak 140, power-mig 140 and another name or two, but all the same machine.

I'm just waiting for one to go on sale at the 4-5 local places that sell them. Reg price I'm finding is about the 600ish range. Sale price can be 150 less.


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