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Originally Posted by markbvt
Well, I suppose there's only so much you can do with styling when you're trying to build a bike like that. In order to achieve proper handling and reasonable offroad capability, certain geometry and mass centralization is called for, which is going to result in bikes looking pretty similar. Triumph can't really do a whole lot more than change the headlights, instrument panel, and accessories in order to make the bike look less like an F800GS, and those are exactly the parts that look substantially different.

It's kind of like dirt bikes all looking more or less the same, or twin-engine jet airliners, for that matter. Form follows function.

If it's not a copy why have a beak, or light gold upside down forks, or slightly odd twin headlights, or black plastic air scoops, or ... ?

BMW must be very flattered lately ... Triumph Tiger XC, Yamaha Super Tenere 1200, ...

Not much point copying though, unless you make it better ... lighter, more powerful, better suspension, smoother, wider gear ratios ... we will see!
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