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Originally Posted by Keithy
I keep thinking it looks like the Triumph Tiger.....955 1050....or a Yam tenere...maybe a Honda AT?

One thing I have actually tried to figure out is what's with the "beak"?

And why the front huggy it so it clogs with mud and spits you off?

Rumour has it that the engine is the heart of a bike.....This one looks all heart!

I'm looking forward to taking an angle grinder to one of these....and that frame needs refinishing in white....perfick!

When I first saw that 2 bike picture I kind of lost the momentum... This is the "off-road" bike after all...

The rear footpegs and front mudguard are minor details that can be fixed. But still, I have higher expectations from a bike built with a so called "off-road" purpose...

The way I imagined it, was they had a real world test, which includes dropping the bike once or twice- meaning trying to ensure the brake/gear thingies are not too exposed, which also means that the bike shouldn't rest on those rear pegs, which also means that one should not have to worry about the front mudguard becoming full of mud... And yeah, wonder how big is the tank, the engine looks massive... Minor details, but details which make me think that the off-roading process went like let's slap some knobbies on it...

Don't want to rain on anyone's parade, it's calling it as I see it... Still looking forward to some more or less independent tests- I tried a 675 and loved it...

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