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honestly don't see a whole lotta design differences.
both have tubular frame, 800cc motor, 21/17 tires on spoked wheels, gold usd forks, beak & sub fender, twin lights, small windshield.

small differences in which side chain is on and where the tank is located.

tripple vrs twin is about it and both bikes will be sold in the same building in the us. maybe dealerships will sit them side by side and let the masses make the choice. guess is tiger has huge tank compared to gs that will be the deciding factor. alot guy buy a klr on this fact alone vrs other bikes.

Originally Posted by CA Stu
Triple vs. twin.

The distinguishing quality, the hallmark of the Hinckley Triumph brand is the three cylinder motor.

Apart from that it has two wheels, forks, handlebars, and a seat, just like all of them... Where's the gas tank on these bikes?

I'm curious as to the price of it.

Just for comparison:

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