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Originally Posted by tofire409
So what's going to happen in 12 days:13 hours :29 min from now???

The dealer I spoke to had the bike pictures on his iphone, but no official word.

As for where the fuel tank is, I don't much care as I am looking to replace a KLR. The only thing that I really want is the 450 - 500 km range on a single tank.
Yep, I don't hit the reserve till about 375 km's into a trip. Part of the reason I'm in no hurry to get the f800gs. I'm also hoping the Yamaha brings the 660Z over here, but I'm not holding my breath.

The Triumph could be a game changer for me, or at least change the bike that I covet

Oh it's now 12:13:22....
That is going to be a question.

Going by both my bigger and smaller triples, magic 8-ball says odds are not good. My 2000 Speed Triple has only pulled 200(320km) mile tanks 4.6 US gal DEEP into the reserve and only because I couldn't find gas closer and it was ...puckering... watching the trip pass 200 miles and keep going.

My 675 Daytona might make it 140 (230km) miles before hitting reserve at 3.5 gal, and by all accounts the long stroke 800cc is a stroked 675, it DAMN sure sounds like it anyway. Not saying that the little Tiger is going to drink like my 'Tona that is a step removed from a race bike, but you get the idea.

In either case, unless the bike is carrying +5 US gallons of gas, there is going to be a BIG question mark on pulling a 375km range, and 500 is pretty much out of the question unless you find an extended range 7 gallon tank in the parts catalog.

Eitherway, just by nature of the inline triple, the airbox is under that tank somewhere and most of the fuel is actually behind the head (on my Daytona anyway) so I'm not sure how much fuel the thing could be carrying.
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