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Originally Posted by DayTrippin
I have a few questions about:

SMH-A0302 Helmet Clamp Kit - Attachable Boom Microphone & Wired Microphone

MH-A0304 Helmet Clamp Kit - For Earbuds with Attachable Boom Microphone & Wired Microphone

Am I correct in that they both come with an interchangeable boom mic and flat mic? For example I can switch between whichever works best in my helmet. So the only difference is whether I'd want to use earbuds (A304) or the stock Sena spearkers (A302).
Exactly. I'd suggest using the fixed mic in a full-face helmet and the boom mic in a modular or 3/4 helmet.

Originally Posted by DayTrippin
Which brings me to my next question. Is there any option available nor or maybe in the near future that would give me the choice of using the stock Sena speaker or ear buds in the same unit?

My problem is one bike I have is fairly noisy so I usually ride with ear plugs if going on a long trip. The others are much quieter and I usually don't wear earbuds. In general I can't tolerate earbuds more than about 4 hours until it feels like the worm from a tequila bottle is trying to bore its way into my brain!

So any options for an easy way to switch between the two? I typically wear the same helmet all the time and on a long trip switching out helmets isn't going to be an option and I'd really hate to have to switch out accessory units just to ditch the earbuds for a while.
There's no off-the-shelf way, at this time. We have put the concept forward to Sena, for a potential future product offering. I haven't dissected the clamp units to determine what the internal differences are - if any - that would bring the sound to an appropriate level for earbuds. There's a chance that I could fabricate something custom for you, to use both speakers and earbuds, and it wouldn't be a hack job.
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