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Originally Posted by CrozB
Did you ever fine a resolution to this?

Just got my double set today and right out of the box I am having the same trouble with my phone(s) on both units. Wired the sound is fine. Via bluetooth there is a buzzing sound during audio playback. Very prevalent if you leave the mp3 playing and turn the volume down on the headset. If you pause the player the buzzing goes away after about 2 seconds. Comes right back on if the phone makes any sounds, rings, alerts or music. Tried 4 phones (Android Evo 4g, Epic 4g and the WinMo Touch Pro2 and HTC Hd2) and had exactly the same results. Even tried pairing the phones as just audio players but got the same results. Phone was right next to the unit and all testing was done indoors. Hopefully someone has run in to this and found a cure without having to ship them back?
So, this is the third report of this that we've had. I am going to get with Sena today and hear their take on this. Will update, here, just as soon as I have something noteworthy to report. Film at eleven...
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