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Buzzing Sound Issue... Bit More Info...

Just a small update on “my” buzzing sound issue… For me, I am only getting that buzzing sound from the in-ear ear bud option. My speaker system, and my wife’s speaker system does not experience this sound (here is a sample of the sound):
To compare the two (in-ear vs. speaker) I held the speakers directly on my ear (out of helmet) and that buzzing is not there.

With that, I called Dave at RocketMoto who was very nice, but unfamiliar with this issue referred me to Sena. I contacted Sena and the tech support person gave me the same line as he gave others on these forums “the units are too far apart”… no I have the unit on my desk right next to the phone… “well once you start riding the sound will not be noticeable”. After explaining this was not a little buzz that would be easily drowned out by wind and road noise he agreed to do some form of RMA if I fill out and form and send it back. I am waiting to hear back from them.

Workaround for In-Ear Buzz:
I discovered a hokey workaround that helps suppress the issue (does NOT cure)… If you have an inline volume adjuster like this:

You can turn the volume on the inline down almost all the way down to nothing, then crank the Sena up to 100%, this will help cut down the buzzing sound (will not eliminate it).
As for the speaker, intercom/MP3 player system, my wife and I walked around the house with our helmets on doing chores last night testing out the system switching back and forth between Music and Intercom (looking like real morons I’m sure). Coming from G4 I look forward to giving a full review after our Road Trip at the End of the Month as well as getting the in ear option resolved .

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