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Riding Tuscany, Umbria, Abruzzo and Lazio

Alps-aholics anonymous, no 12 steps here, the first step will get you in the club, we are at step six, and have no hope or desire for a cure. We have traveled to Europe to ride on two wheels six times now, doing our own planning and with Beachís Motorcycle Adventures, this trip is again with the Beachís, on their Italian Idyll tour. There is a definite advantage to the right tour, no hassle with airport transportation, bike rental, hauling lots of luggage around for two weeks, wondering if the place you plan to ride to has any suitable lodging, etc. Just get your plane ticket and pack your gear and be assured you will ride the best roads, stay in great locations, and get a GPS filled with four or five great routes for each day, developed over 38 years in business.

We left Thursday September 30 from Toronto and flew to Paris, where we grabbed the train and did the obligatory trip to the Eiffel Tower to take a picture or three, then stopped at a small sidewalk cafť, and shared a small pizza before hopping on the train to head back to the Airport and on to Florence.

We spent the next four nights at Rossiís Villa in Tuscany. .................................................. ................................... No not THAT Rossi, but Rossi of Martini and Rossi fame.

Rob Beach, Gretchen and Scott the van driver, were staying at the villa just south of Florence Italy, for the week between tours, and, as we were arriving early, they invited us to stay in one of the unused rooms, until we all hit the roads for the two week tour, needless to say we took them up on their offer. We stayed in one of the smaller buildings.

The Villa dates back to the early 1300ís, with some references as far back as the 1100ís and last major renovation in the 1700ís, The Villa is situated on a hill, with a beautiful view, of the surrounding valleys and vineyards, of course. . There is a working winery in the basement of the building we are staying and the musty aroma of winemaking filters through the Villa.

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