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I feel a bike can just look right . . . intrinsically . . . it just does. You know it when you see it.

But I also think your experience . . . on the road . . . or some other subliminal previous experience connects you to the vision of the bike . . . has a lot to do with it (even if you havenít actually seen that particular bike/model previously before.) Whether it was Steve McQueen getting air time over a barbed wire fence or my ďround aboutĒ on a Daytona 500 after a year in hell as a medic in the mountains of Vietnam and Laos . . . 1950-75 triumphs just look right. I still have her . . . maintenance nightmare that she is. Choke her, kick her hard, smell her, ride her, listen to the ring, feel the vibration . . . and itís just right ( I think Iím still talking about my triumph )

Having said that . . . A Norton like my Dad was my first choice . . . SF dealer couldnít get one . . . and I just had to get out on the road after waste waiting the summer. Either ride is equally just right. But then my R1100 GS is sooo ugly and heavy . . . it just right too.
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