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I finally had time to pair the intercoms up. They paired up fine and we can talk. I got my wife's to talk to her phone (Driod based) just fine. I cannot get mine to pair up with my Zumo GPS or my Blackberry Bold. The Blackberry and GPS were previously bluetoothed together. I tried adding the Sena as another audio device and that did not work. I tried to pair the Blackberry directly to the Sena and it did not work either. It either would not see it at all, or it would see it but not be able to connect. Sometimes it would ask for a PIN and sometimes it tried PIN 1234 without asking. When it asked,I put in 0000 but it would not connect.

I thought it might be my Sena unit, so I tried to get the phone and GPS to mate up with my wife's Sena that worked with her phone and it still would not work.

Any ideas?
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