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Originally Posted by Diver
I experience the buzzing sound with earbuds (Etymotics ER-6i) and the A0304 clamp as well. Speakers are fine with the standard clamp. Will try other earbuds and see if that addresses the issue. Not really usable with the 304 clamp and earbuds at this time.
I received a note from Sena tech support about this issue (slightly edited for clarity):

'The buzzing noise is due to signal degradation caused by separation of the Buetooth devices. By keeping Bluetooth devices closer together and on the same side of the body as the SMH10, this will help minimize this particular noise from occurring.

The noise is actually minute and is not affected by system volume. It is most obvious when system volume is at the lowest setting. As system volume level is increased, the music will mask the minute buzzing, and it will not be noticeable. The noise is minute enough that it is rarely noticed by a speaker clamp user. It is more noticeable in an earbud clamp due to the enclosed ear canal. However, the buzzing noise will never over-power the main audio output.

If buzzing noise is detected and it is bothersome to the user, a power cycle on the SMH10 will resolve the problem.'

What I need to know from anyone that is experiencing the issue - does the placement of the music device minimize or eliminate the buzzing?

I would also like to know which earbuds you're using.

Please PM or email with with details about your particular situation. Include your name and email address so I can track this and report back.


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