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Originally Posted by Jellyrug
Justin, what mods were necessary to get you past 200?

Nice pic.

The salt adds a pretty significant variable in the available traction. I ran best 197 timed mile with a 199 gps my first time at Bonneville with a stock motor, stock header with no mufflers, power commander with out of the box tune, tre, and gearing of course. I had a PERFECT track, wind, temp, etc. One less tooth, a proper tune and any decent exhaust would have likely put it over 200 that day or most days on pavement.

I ran quite a bit faster this year, but I also brought 50 extra horsepower and a host of other mods. Consistent 200s regardless of the track conditions come with a significant price tag.

Body size plays a huge role as well. My dad was a consistent 8-10mph slower than me both years, and I guarantee he was twisting that throttle just as hard as I was! I'm 5'8, 170 while my dad is 6'2, 225.

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