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Originally Posted by RAGBrian
I will be down in the Cape area on Wednesday and will look this over. It'll be behind the wheel of box truck, but I do have a Garmin 2610 now, so I will collect tracks and check out the issues you found. At least I will be doing in the day light
Well, that was yesterday...back at home right now as I type this. The boss changed plans last night about 10 p.m. while I was working in Champaign, IL.

I will see about taking a moto ride instead down that way when I have some time. Want to do some research in Ste. Genevieve for my family geneaology and can combine the whole trip together.

Funny, per the map link below, you would think they would route it right next to the Trail of Tears park.

Originally Posted by Jamie Z
Brian and I got together yesterday as planned. I'm working on compiling the Missouri route. I ran into a couple of problems, mostly near Cape Girardeau, if someone can double check my work.

Specifically, at this intersection:,0.061798&z=15

The Vertices maps show the MRT coming south down Highway V and continuing on Highway V by turning left (again, coming from the north). When I approached this intersection, I found an MRT sign on Highway V to the left, but also an MRT sign straight ahead on Highway Y. That is, the signage indicated that the route went both directions.

Some very rudimentary scouting indicated that the MRT does follow Highway V. Curiously, the sign on Highway Y does not appear in Google Street View. Plus, it seems more logical to follow V. I think the other MRT sign was placed there in error, but if someone had more time to run around that area, maybe there is a spur or alternate route.

Also, many of the signs in Cape appear to be missing; at the very least the signed route does not follow the same path as shown on Vertices. I followed what I believe to be the intended route, but almost all of it was unsigned, except for a couple of spots. Can anyone else work in Cape to figure it out?

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