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OK lots of old buildings and beautiful scenery, BUT, that is only a small part of our motivation to travel to faraway lands. My main motivation is the ROADS. All I can say is if there was a Basilica of Saint Motorrad , it would contain likenesses and statues of Italian sheep, goats and cows. As these were the architects and engineers that plotted the path of Italian roads. From the Dolomites in the north, and this area in central Italy, I have to say they did a fine job of laying out the twistiest , gnaralist roads you can imagine.

Here are my GPS tracks, total of about 3250 km (2000 miles)

This is where I will give more Kudos to Beachs, and where the value from a tour organization comes to light. Rob not only provides a book with history of each area and 2-4 routes each day, but now provides preprogrammed GPS units with as many as 8 routes each day!! And the routes have been ridden and developed over their many years in business. Anyone can find a few good roads, but it takes experience to link those roads into an all day great ride, and exponentially increases the smiles/mile.
I hate straight roads, and consider myself a corner junkie, but after about 2000 km, I was truly mentally exhausted by the unrelenting turns and twists. The Alps at least give you a short rest at times, but many of the roads in this area of Italy did not have a straight longer than 1/4 mile! I did not keep track, but I will bet I never got into 5th or 6th gear on 10 of our 16 riding days. Many hours were spent in 2nd and 3rd gears, even thought I was running a spirited pace. Wonderful, just wonderful in my book.
Pavement on some of the small narrow local roads was a little rough, but a lot of new blacktop existed too. All in all, the roads were similar to the pavement quality in NY and New England.

I took several videos, but if I was to take videos of all the good roads I would have had HOURS of footage. I know watching riding videos is like getting stuck at someone’s house when they get the slide projector out, but I did post a couple, just to give you a flavor of the riding.

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