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Originally Posted by Qwik
Im Looking VERY Hard at a 99 in Copper...
Qwik, you need to jump all over that thing....if, at least, for the collector value. 99's were "the" Hayabusa, and the copper is classic. The bike was actually painted to match the natural markings of the peregrine falcon for which it was named. Like the '77 black and gold (Special Edition) Trans-Am's, most people beat the shit outta' the original specimens. So, if you can talk an owner out of a nice, well-kept machine...well, I wouldn't let the opportunity pass.

Originally Posted by Qwik
...Rides very well in near stock trim.
IMHO, they all do. That is the amazing thing about the ' is extraordinary right out of the box.

If I had it to do over again, I wouldn't have done a damn thing to mine. I made the mistake of taking something that wasn't broke, and "fixing" it.

BTW, please post pics. if you acquire that '99.

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