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Originally Posted by BikePilot
Sounds pretty abysmal to me. Way too heavy (more than a 600cc supersort ), budget suspension and brakes, oddly proportioned styling.

On the plus side its got FI which I find a huge improvement over carbs.

I doubt the head will be a nightmare, the mfg's have been making fancy, high-rpm, high-flow heads that are essentially maintenance free for a decade. If this is anything like 1/4 of a CBR1000RR it'll last till the next ice age. Might be popular in countries with tiered licensing that goes by displacement. Here, you might as well just get an F4i, SV650 or something that has enough power to be safe on the freeway.
Gonna have to disagree with you on this one BikePilot (usually not the case).

1. The weight listed is its curb weight (gassed up ready to ride), no dry weight --so quite a few lbs (40?) lighter than a 600 supersport.

2. IMHO, a beginner bike doesn't need top shelf suspension or brakes. but the fuel injection and ABS is helpful.

3. I would not recommend a 90+hp bike to a beginner regardless of how friendly it is.

...and I think the styling is quite nice.
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