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EX-250R fuel economy

Mileage for the EX-250R Ninjette (current and previous generation) is well documented at Whenever I say 70-90 mpg for the EX-250(H) I get unbelievers. Well, pucker up. With a 125 lb. rider (many women in this range) you can get 70 mpg stock if you are easy on the throttle, cruising. This is the bike's target market in the US, and many people in Asia are in this weight range.

And if you change the front sprocket by +1 you can get 90 mpg with a light rider on the highway. Don't believe it? Too bad for you. And, yes, +1 on the front does reduce around town performance. Choose your poison; it is always a trade-off.

Will you get this mileage with a 175 lb. rider? No. You'll get 65-80 mpg.
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