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Originally Posted by CheesyRider
Honda's MSRP on the ancient Rebel 250 is $3999. There is no way this bike is going to have an MSRP less than $5500. I believe Honda has another flop on it's hands. There aren't many entry level buyers who will be willing to shell out the extra money when the Ninja 250 is available.
You and DevilNinjaDog missed this crucial part:

"Made in Thailand"

Like my 2007 CBR125R (Canada) this makes it significantly cheaper on the labour front.

I paid $3,200.00 CDN, 3 1/2 years ago. Still showroom floor new 2009 125R's can be seen going for $2,700.00 (or less)

Having had my EFI 125 for a few years now, and staying @ a pretty much constant 10,000+ RPM, commuting every day, rain/shine/winter/summer, 75 mph highway trips, it has proven utterly bullet proof and very, very, well put together.

Many owners since the bike's 2004 inception have confirmed long life expectations.

Fit and finish is every bit as good as any of my other Hondas in the past 34 years.

I have absolutely no fears of this thing needing anything other than oil changes and new tires, for the next 100,000 kms.

It holds 1 litre of oil, and has no oil filter, btw.

I get super consistent high 80's to low 90's US mpg, and roughly 200 to 220 miles per tank in the city. (fill up at that point is about 9.5 litres)

With my helmet and gear on, I weigh more than the bike does when the fuel tank gets low. (my bike with a Giannelli exhaust, carbon fibre can, carbon fenders, wave rotors, titanium bolts etc., etc, various removed and lightened bits, is 250 lbs wet, full tank.)

I'm 5'8" and around 198 lbs.
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