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No Topos.

Found the answer for topos.
More info.

Question: Does Voyager have topo maps?

Answer: On the trail, OHV (off-highway vehicle) riders do not typically utilize elevation data found on topo maps; instead, topo maps are used because of trail route information. Topo maps are mostly based on aerial photos from the 1950's and 1960's, so many are out of date and inaccurate. While some updated topo maps are available, the efforts to restore them focus on hiking trails, not OHV trails.

Because topo maps are not particularly well suited for use on OHV trails, Voyager provides a better means of collecting, displaying and sharing up-to-date OHV trail information. Routes may be imported into Voyager from standard GPX files, or exported for later review and sharing. Using Voyager's trail-centric approach, riders can enjoy a superior experience using up-to-date trail maps.
They're copping out on Topos.
That kills it for me. There is times you get into an area exploring and without elevations you don't know if its a bluff, mountain or river over the next ridge.

A shame they got a great idea I was interested in till that bit of info.
Google Earth GPS Howto (still a work in progress) use USGS TOPO Maps to layout trails.

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