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I am offended but I will restrain from being rude. I have been running Voyager for 1 year now. FWIW, I am ok with quads but do not ride one. Below is a picture of me last week with Voyager in some final testing. In testing, next to Voyager sits a Garmin 60csx. Yes, the 60csx has topo capability. It is accurate in the below picture where I am dropping into a river bottom on on a trail bed that has not been ridden in nearly a decade? - no, not even close, the Topo had the trail about 500ft off the actual trail. Not just over the cliff but on the other side where the cliff came back up. In a perfect world, the topos would be great but they need to be accurate. Should we have just copied what everyone else did and run the topo's available on the open market? -Maybe but we focused on what we could do better than everyone else on our first GPS unit.

8x the memory depth
Monochrome LCD with higher resolution and more than 2x the contrast resulting in a display that is so much more readable, anyone who actually sees one prefers it to a color 60csx (side by side testing)
plugs direct into the bikes wire harness for power without concern of voltage or polarity.
turns itself on/off by knowing what the bike is doing.
File transfer that does not require removing the unit from the bike.
permanent and accurate odometer
Motorcycle specific mounts that put the unit out of the way of harm and/or injury to the rider included in the box
The list goes on..

I am happy to have our employees discussing our products with actual users. It helps us learn what the customers want and deliver. We are at the core a motorcycle company.

When the comments turn to bashing us and ATV's (who we have to share our hobby with), then the productivity is gone. If you want to bash someone, your energy would be better put into bashing those trying to close our sport.

We will never be able to make everyone happy. We are comfortable that we make original products that perform where prior options fall short.

If you want to ride some highly technical trails where an accurate GPS is a must, I would be happy to take you for a ride. You will see first hand what Voyager does and why we did it this way. We are open to contructive critisim and the Topo comments are well noted. It would be best served if your comments were after you actually saw Voyager in action.

Geoff Wotton - Trail Tech R&D

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