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Originally Posted by Brian-M
You nailed it right here. You can never make everyone happy. It also breaks down to the 80:20 rule... 20% of the people out there will give 80% of the negative BS attitudes, 20% of your customers will be 80% of your "thorn in the side" problem users, etc... Don't worry too much about one doofus being an Internet Tough Guy and complaining about something that they are Armchair Designing.

Most buyers will be like me... silent until we get first-hand experience. If that experience is dismal, then there will be vocal complaints. If it's outstanding, there will be vocal praise. If it fits in the middle (works, but has things that are mildly annoying/lacking), then nothing much will be said one way or another. I really like the Idea (and have not used a GPS before, other than borrowing a 60csx then stuffing it in a bag after wasting an hour trying to get it to do Anything along the lines of routing ~ and that was on a street ride),

I also appreciate that there's some input filtering into the forums ~ I absolutely LOVE it when a company goes out to at least gather info from the end user base. Attention to comments from the end user is the best way to broaden the appeal of your stuff... but we've got to have the gear first, before any of that useful stuff can be written.

Carry on... I don't see ANY other devices out there that come close to combing what the Voyager does.
You call me a doofus and can not even operate a simple 60CSx?????
Gimme a break and get a Tom Tom from Walmart.
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