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I've known devrodirt for several years.
He was not disrespecting ATV'ers but he had a valid point.
We ride areas where the trails do not exist on any printed map.
The only way to know where the next trail is by landmarks on your topo maps on the gps or riding the trail before.
I have found lots of information on these trails from the Forest Department in the form of ESRI shapefiles. It has over 40,000 of these shapesfiles on the db so I use those to generate my own maps for the GPS to overlay the topo maps. These custom maps on my Ifinder actually came in handy when they had logged an area in the Forest and the track we wanted was almost just a memory.

Mountains rarely change elevations and creeks and rivers will move a foot or two but not not 100's of feet. So these things are the important part of the mapping ability in the GPS. No one is asking for everytrail to be in the GPS. There is lots of those same trails that Devrodirt and I ride that we prefer not be on a GPS because its keeps them pristine from those that have no respect for the areas they ride.

So maybe you can see why the contour lines and streams/creeks and rivers are important to us.

One of the biggest disappoints I bought a Bushnell Onix, wonderful color screen, but it lacked any county roads and forget any forest roads. It became instantly useless unless we it was for saving a track log.

I like the idea the GPS/Speedo in one as an integral part of the bike so it doesn't get stolen when parked. But It does need to be a full featured product and the tools we need.

Have a great day nice start for the product, in the future if it is upgraded to be a useful item for my bike I'll gladly buy one.
Google Earth GPS Howto (still a work in progress) use USGS TOPO Maps to layout trails.

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