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Thanks Doug

I feel more like a Cycle Junkie with every ride I take these days. The more I ride the more I want to, and I don't want to know if there a cure?! This is why I have become a junkie to this COMMUNITY. It is like I'm riding on the WWW if all but vicariously living in some one else thread. Threads like yours, the Peach, Banjo others especially those from the West Coast. The rides are phenomenal, and the pictures are from Ansel Adams portfolio. Don't get me wrong I could not have posted this thread in pretense, but I do hear the call of the wind! Go West OLE MAN Go West. I might have to call on you someday to guide me out west, but until then these here mountains have endless adventures, incredible places, grand historical heritage, and the People. It's always comes down to the people especially the folks I have been meeting on this ride down this thread. I have a friend up this way I will have to hook you up with. He was a pro dirt track man who one time held the national title in his class [not sure of the details], who now has his own shop here in Cumberland. I have no doubt the man on the K12GT you saw on that gorgeous mountain road was above my pay grade . I am not a pro "GoFaster"! I just like a good fun ride not holding up traffic. RE my pics!? Self taught and still learning every day, an old mountain [of the East ] man once told me no matter how old you get "As long as your still green your going to grow but start thinking your ripe and your going to start rotting"! Ya gotta love that ole mountain wisdom.

Later Gene
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