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If all works out I am taking Kira out for a good run tomorrow. Not sure which way yet, but I do know I am not going near the State Park Nature museum at Deep Creek Lake McHenry MD. There was a guy there who was getting a little to cozy with the Appalachian Fox for my comfort. I let you be the judge.

You know I don't see myself as being the possessive overly jealous type, but I think this might be over the top! She seems to be enjoying this way to much!


Actually the museum is a pretty nice display with a lot of good mounts, and information on the locals. As follows: Pictures self explanatory

One of Santa's retirees

This guy is know to be the forest smart guy and you might question that given his current status, but think about it. Eternal Youth?

I don't think I want to question the old adage "bark worse that his bite"!

Art! might make a good photo!

Not sure if he did not like his picture taken or what?

more art?

Hey! Indoor Snow Cool!

The Gorgeous Appalachian Fox

The Denim Covered Tree Leaning Bore DORK! [purt near extinct!]

Time to head back to Cumberland

I have got a few more pics from the rides from this past year, and then I am going to have to ride a lot more to get some more pictures. I know it's tough. But I got to do what I got to do! Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me on my first thread. I am not done with this thread yet. I've made a lot of good friends who like me loves the Great Two Wheeled Machine we call Motorcycle. 98.8% percent of all these pics come from a motorcycle ride with Kira. The Fox came a long on and ever increasing frequency and I love that! We are planing an over nighter soon. Has to be soon, or the snow will be a hindrance.
Thanks Again To All
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