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I am IN for this, and if the "introductory" price of $280 holds out for a couple of months I AM going to buy one for my ADV build.

I'm going to link some stuff from the Trail tech site, then I have a couple questions.

Comparison chart of features for all the "computers":

The FAQ:

And now some questions.

From the faq:

"You can find up-to-date trail information at Trail Tech’s OHV map website: There you can plan your rides by overlaying a library of OHV trails and roads on top of detailed topographical maps and satellite images courtesy of Google Earth™. Create your own custom trail collection and upload it to your Voyager GPS dashboard. While currently covers only North America, it is being actively developed for other parts of the world. is provided free of charge for all to use."

What does this mean?
Can you make a topo or composite map using this process and then load it on your Voyager. Then see a topo or sat map with the track on it, or does it only look like the picture and you just have to remember what you saw while overlaid on your computer?

(Image of map display:

Does it have a Backlight or someway to read it at night and what color?
(if not, I can't use it 30% of the time. my ADV bike will also be my daily commuter. lol)
Edit: it has a LED backlight.

Can you customize your display to show, GPS screen WITH speed, ODO, trip, tach, volt, temp all at the same time?
If not, what choices do you have from your dash board while in GPS mode?

Do you have a picture of this kind of screen in use?

Do you have any protectors/dash light kits yet?

What kind of water/dust protection rating does it have, (IPX-4/IPX-7)?

Will you be able to use the Vector Remote Switch with it in any way or function?

Personally, I might like to have Topo and it might be nice to have road maps on it.
But when I am on the road I will likely just have my Garmin 750 mounted also. and I could have topo on it too, then just have it "Follow" me while I use the Voyager for the track/route I am actually on.
I wouldn't want to travel on a GPS required ride without a backup GPS anyway. like a 60csx or the like.

I really appreciate the effort your company has put in to make this product and you taking the time to come here and tell us about it.

Thank you.
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