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Originally Posted by doctor_big
I guess there's no way to load in to Navigon a route from an external source?
Not currently for the iPhone Navigon application but you can for dedicated Navigon GPS devices from Google Maps

I just completed a 5712 mile trip going across the country and back spanning a length of 20 days and I used my Iphone4 as the sole source of navigation while on the road. I used a touratech iphone mount on my crossbar and charged the Iphone4 via my powerlet.

The four navigation programs I used with intent to compare:

Google Maps (the one that comes on the phone)
MotionX GPS

Each one of these programs has it's own unique feature set that lends itself best to particular situations so it all depends on what you plan to do. I had no particular plan other then to wander about the country seeing friends and family in no particular order or time frame. There were some capabilities that did not quite explore to the full extent on the Motion-X Gps program but I will elaborate on that further later.

Google Maps

Easy to use
Excellent Search for Businesses, Parks, Gas, POI's in general
Easy to play with different routes in regards to times/distances during planning phase
Included with phone and no additional fee's for use other then data consumption

Hard to use on bike unless you remove a glove (or cut some finger holes)
No custom routing options that route you away from toll roads, highways, etc
No map storage for extended remote area use (however you can work with what it DOES store on the phone in a pinch)
No automatic turn-by-turn guidance or rerouting

Summary of Google Maps

If you have an internet connection of any kind and you are looking to put a route together or just plain look at the ROAD options to get you from A to B then this native iPhone application is still the best. It's a slick user interface we iPhone users are all familiar with, it's quick, efficient, and allows the user to gain the fastest "birds-eye" view of the road options in the area to ride.

MotionX GPS

Map Download Capable (only MotionX Terrain, MotionX Road and NOAA for copyright reasons)
Can Cache up to 250 MB of map data... which is quite a bit (including Google, Bing Maps)
Highly Capable in regards to tracking average, current, max speed, elevation gain/loss, strait line distance to waypoint/destination
More control over map zoom making minor on bike adjustments much easier
Multitasking capable so it can record average speed, distance traveled etc while using other applications (or nav programs!)
Terrain Maps are excellent in for contour analysis and understanding the area of potential exploration
Ability to take photos and share them online with a Waypoint Tag so people can follow along on twitter or facebook
Integrated Ipod controls so you can Nav and listen to music if you have an audio capability via earphones, autocom, scala and etc.
Ability to Save tracks and Upload waypoints from other Users (this is something that I have yet to use but will for my moab trip)
Option to use many different maps to look at a given piece of land (google,bing,road/satellite/hybrid view MotionX road/terrain)

No custom routing options that route you away from toll roads, highways, etc
No automatic turn-by-turn guidance or rerouting
MotionX road maps are not very nice to use/look at however you will likely use Google or Bing for road trips and you will have data

Summary of MotionX GPS

A highly capable program that I still have some exploring to do with the capabilities of it mainly the uploading of other peoples tracks/waypoints and how that whole deal works in general on this program. It is quite easy to create, manage and track to your own created waypoints with MotionX GPS. If a person wants to have a GPS program (for the iPhone) that is suited towards navigating the back country OR having a birds-eye view of what is around them and is more looking for ANY road that looks interesting to turn down that keeps them going in the general direction of the destination... This application is well suited for that task. If you are looking to get turn by turn through an urban jungle... this will not be optimal and more then likely you will have to pull over and check the map to see what best way to go.

MotionX GPS Drive

Cheap in comparison to other turn-by-turn navigation programs
Voice Guided Turn by Turn Directions with Live Traffic Avoidance
Ability to Store up to 2GB of map data on device (customizable)
Intuitive user interface with easy to use search for POI
More friendly user interface for zooming on map while on the bike

After 30 day trial is up the auto turn by turn guidance, rerouting and voice must be bought for $19.99 (1 year at a time)
Upcoming Streets dont always completely scroll on the main screen
If you are in a new and no data coverage area and you decide you use the nav for the first time in the middle of your trip you are S.O.L
Bing hybrid maps and Motion X terrain Maps have good detail compared to Navigon
For a lack of better words... it did some "dumb stuff" a couple times that made me lose faith
The vibes on my bike would constantly have it rotating between landscape and portrait mode at certain RPMs**
Voice Guidance did not come through my Scala Q2 headset unless I was actually on the phone with somebody

Summary of MotionX GPS drive

I bought this after purchasing the Navigon primarily so I had something to compare GPS apps with. It's kinda my deal to try multiple things out and see individual strengths and weaknesses. The only thing I really like about this application is the map detail is better that that of the Navigon. The reason being is that is downloads as you go so it can afford to carry much more details maps when it has data on tap all the time. The obvious downside is that you need to plan your trip while you have data and allow the MotionX application to download map data for your route ahead of time. If it's lengthy trip then this may not be a realistic or time effective for planning and then going quickly. This application will get you there for sure but it was not to my liking for this trip and more of a novelty item that I would play with from time to time once it let me down on a couple occasions that are not interesting enough to explain (this post is long enough already right??)


Elegant and simple user interface
Custom routing options are excellent
Turn-by-turn direction as well as on screen prompts for what lane to be in are exceptional! (great when I was in Chicago and N. VA)
No data needed as maps are on the device (1.X gigs or so)
Upon entering your destination it will give you several route options that show you distance and times
Integrated ipod controls work well
Could program in speeds and it would let you know if you were over the posted speed limit in that area (handy for recovering speed demons)
Strait forward ETA to destination that was accurate and updated accordingly

Expensive in comparison to other apps
Traffic guidance and 3d view are extra ($19.99 and $9.99) but a one time fee
Entering addresses to navigate to is not the most intuitive
Maps are devoid of detail to save space on phone
Zooming in/out with one finger is not possible (must remove glove or cut holes)
The vibes on my bike would constantly have it rotating between landscape and portrait mode at certain RPMs**

Summary of Navigon

The GPS application became my "go-to" application when I started to get into heavily populated areas where frequent turns and complex highway systems were the norm. Also... it just plain worked and I like how it gave me different options on how to get to my destination. It did make me feel "tunneled-in" at times... I like to see the big picture of what is around me and this was often an arrow, on a orange line with grey around me and I KNEW there was more interesting stuff around me... However this also brings up (IMO) it's major weakness: upon showing me the different options for my route the map that it shows your route on is clunky to navigate... devoid of detail or information and is generally a let down for further exploring. I would actually switch to MotionX GPS or Google Maps and have a more detailed look at what was around the route the Navigon just created for me to make sure I was not missing out on anything cool or just to gain better situational awareness.

Grand Summary

When it came down to it I used MotionX GPS while I was out on the open road to track my average speed and to have the google maps up (within the MotionX application) so I could see what state parks were around me and anything else of note. This was great to just have up and wander in a general direction as it would keep me pointed in the right direction and let me know how far away I was from my ultimate destination. Also if I was to get off my bike I would have the Topo/Terrain maps to hike around with and pick a good spot to camp, go up the mountain hill etc. The Navigon application would be used if I was in unfamiliar and densely populated territory where missing an exit would cause me serious grief (i.e. I dont want to be in that city any longer then I have to) or if I had to get some where and time was an issue and I did not really care to see what was on the map all around me. Oh.. one more thing.. if I was stopped at a place and just wanted to look for food or something specific I would just use the native Google Maps program as it was the fastest and easiest to use and would also give me walking directions or even public transpo (which I have used here in salt lake city and it is truly amazing and actually makes me use public transpo more often)

Any other questions related to this post let me know and I will gladly go into further detail.


P.S. this fuel stop roll up was from a application called "Road Trip"
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