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Originally Posted by Mario Shi
I haven't really tested the top speed just yet. I'll be sure to grab my GPS next time I go out and give it a good run. Thanks for the recommendations. The only thing that I've done since I acquired the scooter was change the oil, adjusted the valves, replaced the air filter, and change the tires. I haven't done anything with the carb. What do you suggest I do with the transmission?
Well for the transmission, just take the cover off [kind of a pain as you will need to take the side floor boards off, and just look it over. Check the belt, and see if the roller weights are in good condition, as well as the clutch.

You almost are always in stop/go city conditions? Do you usually go WOT from the stop lights? Maybe that is why. I do some city riding, but mostly back roads doing around 50-55 mph and two lane highways at around 60 mph. Try riding on back roads or a small highway or laying off the throttle a bit, and see what happens. Good luck, ask anymore questions you might have, these things can be a real pain sometimes!
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