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Zounds Man sounds like your going to be in Motorcycle Purgatorial Hell! [I use the term in a biblical sense] . I must confess I was a bad boy yesterday. On my way to Bedford I was following a late model Corvette Ragtop out of town on a local street, and it was just tooling around catching my admiration, but going way to slow. Jumping on a two laner he was still puttering around [and I wasn't really pressing him ] he puled over in the slow and turn off lane, and I thought he was wanting me to pass him. Seriously! I started to gently accelerate paying my respect and he started to accelerate! His audacity pushed me past common sense and respect, and something snapped. Five miles over the PA border there was nothing in my review mirrors. I don't want to publish my rate of speed, suffice to say light was just starting to catch up as I left off the throttle. I don't like to push people since I don't like it. But sometimes .... well had a good ride. Kira is a bike like I've never had before! She is a land locked start ship capable of sustained High Warp Speed travel without a whimper or a whine! "I" need to show her a lot of respect for my own sake. Sport bikes will eat me up on the track, but on a long run, with a pro driver [that's not me] Kira can hold her own. Well WVHB ride hard, ride long, and look me up when you get back in the wood hood! Keep in contact till you leave!


Originally Posted by WVhillbilly
I took a blast up Cheat Mtn on Rt 50 this afternoon, temp dropped 10 degrees from bottom to top. Tires were cold and not very sticky, had a scary moment or two then slowed my ass down
Didn't have time for a long ride, so just up the mountain and then home. Just wanted to hear the bike run really.
I am very familiar with the stretch of road running from I68 to the PA Turnpike, have made many, many trips across it. Not a bad time at 25 minutes, think it took me 45 minutes last winter driving by Braille (between the rumble strips) beautiful chunk of road there. Tho it is a bit straight for my taste

I have some pictures of our drive home from Seattle that would change anyone's mind about a cruise. I would love to take a trip west and do some riding.

Chicago in the winter is not fun, and I work outside. Really outside, no cab on the machine I run so rain, snow or heat I'm in it. I am paid well enough to keep doing it, and the bright side is I'm slated to go to Florida in late Jan or so. Good time to go to FL if ya ask me.
After being there a couple times I don't know if I will take a motorcycle or not. Worked there before and thought I would get to bicycle a lot thru what is my typical off season.
Between the really old, really blind old folks and the folks who think anything on two wheels is a target I think I'll leave the bikes at home this trip.
Besides, the roads are straight there and what fun is that?
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