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Originally Posted by nevermind
There are a number of 2010 KTM 990 A's running the 990 R map, mine being one of them. I've been told the 09 tunes may work on the 2010's, but I'm not going to risk confusing or making my ECU inoperative either.

I already have a KTM Tuneboy cable and I went out and plugged in. You get the same kind of stuff you see with the default Tuneboy screen and the ability to download maps. I've downloaded the EU version of the 990R map from the tuneECU site, but I'm not ready to wing it and load that puppy just yet. I'd like a copy of the US map before I go off the deep end...

TuneECU allows you to read and save your current map prior to making changes...
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