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Saturday Oct 10th
This was another double overnight so we didnít HAVE to ride, yea like that is going to happen. We were only about 20 miles from the beaches along the Adriatic coast. But no sense in going straight as the road from the north we came in on the night before was 10 miles of sweet twisty pavement. The California couple again rode along.

About a mile from the Villa, I made the only potentially serious mental error of the trip; I was fidgeting with my visor as we rode along and not paying full attention to the road. There was a small road straight off a right hand hairpin that I misread as the main road, when I realized the error, I gave a quick glance to make sure there was no oncoming traffic, and rather than spike the brakes with another bike following just shot across into the secondary road, and just got another u-turn practice session. Reminders like that are good to get on occasion as they whack us back into reality.

As we deviated to the east and the coast, we came upon another picturesque city on a hill, so we stopped to take some pictures, of course, as that is what you do when you see something picturesque.

We got to the coast the sun was shining bright and it was probably in the lower 70ís, a great beach day in upstate NY, but evidently the locals and tourists donít agree, as the beaches were deserted. No need to reserve your beach chair now.

We continued down the beach road trying to find a seaside cafť for a cappuccino with a view, most of the places were buttoned up tight, but we finally found one and grabbed a table in the sun. There were a couple women from England that were sitting there soaking up the sunshine too. Evidently this would be a great beach day in the U.K. too.
We had had enough of flat seaside roads, so as soon as we finished the cappuccinos, we headed back to the twisty inland roads. We quickly gained elevation but stopped to take a couple of goodbye pics of the Adriatic.

We looped south and found some nice twisty bits that were devoid of traffic, even though it was a weekend. As we swung back north we caught a glimpse of the Gran Sasso as the low clouds lifted for a few moments.

We were getting close to the villa and decided we had too much daylight left, so we decided to head north again to Ascoli Piceno, a city NOT on a hill top! The Greeks inhabited the area as far back as 500 BC.
The Piazza del Popolo rimmed by buildings dating to the 13th century.

And the Piazza Arringo and the Duomo full of beautiful Italian art and sculpture.

A little Gelato to tie us over until dinner and we were off again.
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